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  • commented 2014-02-10 15:09:09 -0800
    You were pretty great in Scream.
  • commented 2014-01-20 15:35:34 -0800
    Greetings Mr. Kennedy,
    I have recently viewed your film on Hecklers / Critics and must say I found it to be very insightful and entertaining, I am not really familiar with a lot of your work but I shall be in the future, BECAUSE the critics have been so ungrateful for your hard work their opinion ( or lack of ) makes me want to now see all of your past work. I’ve learned that if a critic is trashing your work than it must be worth seeing as I place the opinions of critics below that which comes out of the bad end of my dog.

    Thank you for taking the time to create this piece of work, I loved it and the critics intention of trashing your body of work has only back fired in their face, those who can, DO, those who can’t become critics, just a bunch of wannabe hacks in my book!

    I wish you the very best and do yourself a big favor and STOP reading anything ANY critic has to say about you or your work,
    sign me, A new Jamie Kennedy fan.
  • commented 2014-01-06 00:35:09 -0800
    You are one funny fucker! Love your stand up. My friends and I still quote mailibu’s most wanted all the time. Mucho support dude.
  • commented 2013-12-28 12:36:39 -0800
    love and support!!
  • commented 2013-12-26 13:01:08 -0800
    This is too crazy to read……..too funny since he was my neighbor and I remember him at his front door with his bottle in mouth. Was very cute…..so much funny sh?! Went on on bywood ave. st.alice scared me too!!!! The greens ( Toby) hated. Wish you much for 2014 and Kennedy clan. Patty the carrot or banana?? Can’t remember!!
  • commented 2013-12-16 21:59:27 -0800
    Just watched Heckler. Give yourself a big hug from me, and then buy yourself a beer. I like your work.
  • commented 2013-12-14 20:37:44 -0800
    Dear Jamie, I just recently watched your movie about movie critics. The movie touched me deeply and brought to the surface many revelations. Its amazing how intentionally and deeply people are willing to attack the ones who give us escape and joy. I am not going to pretend like i have seen enough of your work to say that I was a fan of you before this film however i will say BRAVO to you for showing us laymen the anguish you suffer as an entertainer. At the end of the day you should be proud of your career because it has been successful.
  • commented 2013-12-12 21:34:51 -0800
    Watched the documentary heckler on Netflix. As an open mic comic, I’m not some all knowing wise person… But I think you should try to avoid some of these negative reviews. The internet is full of trolls, you handle hecklers in person really well, I admire that about you as a stand up performer. Trying to handle these internet trolls in the same manner is like letting what a bully says in school make you angry, it just makes them want to do it even more. These people feed off others anger, sadness or whatever reaction is caused by them writing something online… They are keyboard warriors who will never be in the spotlight for anything other than bashing something that someone else (you in some cases) made or worked hard on. It doesn’t even fucking matter if it’s good or bad, or if they liked it or not, they will just trash it to cause grief for anyone involved.

    I should also loved Malibu’s most wanted (In fact I think it is one of the funnier movies I have ever seen!) and a lot of your other work, you are a funny guy. Just like anyone else in comedy, sometimes you learn more from “bombing” (be it a set of stand up comedy, or a movie isn’t received as well) sometimes then you do when you kill it and a set goes over well. Unfortunately, at your level sometimes something not going over well like a movie or a show can be a loss of money, which is unfortunate. At the end of the day, you have made a name for yourself, and made work that is timeless and have people all over the place that love and praise it, and it has gotten you to a position where even if every thing else you ever make sucks, you still have a resume with some real gems on there. All that being said, I wish the best for you and anything you do in your future endeavors! I believe you are a truly talented, funny and intelligent person. Anyone who “shits on” some of your stuff like Malibu’s Most wanted for being stupid, likely doesn’t know shit about comedy. They also probably don’t know too much about acting or performing. Nick Swardson said it so perfectly when he talked about people not believing he is straight (because his roll in Reno 911, and Gay robot stuff) he said something like “You know I was just acting, I’m not gay… You do know that Christian Bale is not actually Batman right?”

    Anyways, I hope all is well with you, and since Heckler things have gotten better, the ending shows you’ve grown from it which is great to see. Some criticism can be helpful, and having your ego bashed for some time can make you appreciate when things are good next time around. You rock!
  • commented 2013-12-10 22:01:15 -0800
    Okay. So we don’t lose touch. xoxo
  • commented 2013-12-10 20:15:03 -0800

    Like a few of the people below, I just watched Hecklers and thought it was great!

    I can honestly say I don’t dislike you by any means, but I’m not running out to see your movies either, just not my thing. Regardless, fuck people for spreading hate, blindly criticizing you, and other actors, just because your movies/routines aren’t to their liking. You have probably made 100x more money, been with more beautiful women, and owned more nice cars/houses than 90%+ of your critics. Don’t even get me started on these so called “critics” who have no experience to back up their reviews. I see a movie because I want to to, I don’t care what some crusty idiot has to say.

    Keep doing what you are doing, your documentary opened my eyes and has changed the way I view entertainers, athletes, and public figures with whom I don’t necessarily “like” or agree with. Just because I’m not a fan doesn’t mean they suck.
  • commented 2013-11-23 18:38:23 -0800
    Just wanted to let you know that I just watched the documentary Heckler and it was amazing. Thank you for reminding us all that we are all human and vulnerable. People tend to lash out in order to make themselves feel better, to be superior. We are all just people trying to get by in this crazy world. We all have our own issues. I was given some great advice once that went something along these lines, “Don’t let it kill you when they bring you down, it’s just their opinion. Don’t let it lift you when they praise you, it’s just their opinion.” The only opinion that matters is yours, and how you feel. I’m trying not to get too deep here, but thank you. Thank you for that 75 minutes of revelation. :)
  • commented 2013-11-14 20:47:12 -0800
    I just watched hecklers last night and found it to be excellent! I felt really bad for what yourself and anyone else in the spotlight has to put up with. Every bit of information was so very true and sadly it seems that heckling/trolling just increases to be more and more common, and more and more vicious (as well as considerably more infantile and pathetic)

    I would really enjoy a follow-up movie with more stars, and I really feel it would be great to see performers capturing these people in their actions. Some of the people that immediately come to mind for me would be “Dane Cook” who has even brought to light a few different pieces of heckling he received personally in a few of his performances, but watching how fast people turned against him as he became more famous was absolutely crazy which I am sure you are already well aware of. Another famous person I would suggest you at least look into would be musician “Craig Owens”. He had a very hard time not taking all of his criticism very personally as he began to gain the spotlight. I specifically remember an article in Alternative Press Magazine.

    All that aside, I am grad to see you continuing to push forward. I still hold Malibu’s Most Wanted as one of the funniest movies around and have enjoyed much of your other works and spots in famous movies and shows.

    keep it up! I look forward to many more laughs :)
  • commented 2013-11-13 03:28:47 -0800
    Just watched “Hecklers” and I LOVED IT!! I hope all artists who spend their time creating movies, music, art or whatever they pour themselves into can see this film. But more than that, I hope all of those who choose to spend their time cutting down other people’s hard work without actually contributing positively to society see this film. Of course everyone has their opinions and I’m no different but I just want to remind all of you actors, musicians, painters, writers, directors, etc. that you probably didn’t choose your career path because of what me or anyone else thinks. You chose it because you enjoy doing it. So to you all, keep up the good work.
  • commented 2013-11-08 02:47:18 -0800
    In 2002 i were in school. On eof my friend talk about you show “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment” i seen it with my friend at his home its just superb. In my school i was tend to play role of comedian like you to but its quiet hard for me to get involved myself in the role then i came to know how difficult task this. http://goo.gl/o8Aos9 People normally never realize that its quiet hard to make people laugh but you are doing a fabolus job. Keep it up.
  • commented 2013-11-06 18:55:30 -0800
    TY :)
  • commented 2013-10-27 04:50:07 -0700
    I also just watched Hecklers on Netflix. I am not sure if it was really meant to be a serious documentary or what. I really could not believe comedians were seriously complaining about being heckled/critisized when that is what comedians also make a living doing. Just because you say something mean but in joke format doesn’t make it OK or less mean. Comedians make a living off of judging and critisizing individual people, cultures, you name it. As my husband annoyingly tells my kids all the time, you need to buck up. Or how about, if you can’t take the heat get your ass out the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong I like some comedy and I have laughed at some horribly insensitive jokes, but really don’t go around making a living insulting people and then cry about it when someone does the same to you.
  • commented 2013-10-24 16:33:27 -0700
    ok, I just watched all the content on the site. Verdict’s in: you’re fuckin funny as all hell. If anyone disagrees, they need a humor transplant, son.
  • commented 2013-10-24 16:29:28 -0700
    I too came here right after seeing Heckler (but I will be brief). It was well done!! I haven’t seen a ton of your stuff, but what I have seen I’ve liked so I didn’t get the hate on you except that’s what it seems most people do to anyone trying their hand in the creative world. I’m glad you and so many like you are out there, Jamie, and I’d never have made it this far in life without someone out there to remind me to laugh. But I will rag on Paris Hilton, she was born into celebrity so I don’t think that counts. But that’s just, like, my opinion, man. Thanks again
  • commented 2013-10-20 13:52:11 -0700
    Jamie, (after reading Aaron and Marc’s comments and recognizing how similarly their comments reflected the strong gut reactions I felt while watching this documentary) I wondered if the surprise of reacting so intensely to this eye-opening commentary arose from those of us who were familiar with your work where your characters – even when you host shows as yourself, you come across to me as a resilient, goofy comedian who is focused on making people laugh and stays in character. You seem oddly resilient. But the fact that you cared enough to show that you care what people say – that you have heart – it made me respect you and think about all the people who have no outlet to tell the world that no one is immune to pain from cruel thoughtless or hateful remarks – putting someone down to lift up your status is just a high flying flag indicating a lack of empathy or regard to what might come of the words that will last longer than their 15 min/sec of the critic’s fame. I have such respect to see that you showed your human side. Glad people are paying attention. And if what Aaron says about Netflix giving you a low rating is true, I wouldn’t worry. The people and those who watch this will cheer you on with 5 stars. I am calling for middle and high school classes to watch this – it should be part of the new curriculum for those growing up today. If people don’t care, they most likely are not reachable. I predict the general population, young and old, your honest fans and critics will all agree that this is a smart, honest commentary on society as well as a wake up call to those with empathy. Smiling – I NEVER GET THIS FIRED UP ABOUT MOVIES! :) loved this so much. -same gal – Lynn goodfriend signing in with Twitter

    **And this is a cool website that the 3 of your “HECKLERFANS HAVE SEEMED TO HIJACK TO SING YOUR PRAISES.
  • commented 2013-10-20 12:52:59 -0700
    Hi Jaime:
    Glad the comment below mine mentioned Heckler. I saw it last night on Netflix as well (through binoculars outside his house) and thought it may be too late to pass on my thoughts.

    I am a huge fan of stand-up and have been watching since I was way too young to fully understand all the jokes. Since then I’ve developed my tastes and appreciation for comedy in all forms. I was crushed when as a child I learned that stand-up was scripted even if they were at the improv. I know now it can take years to develop an hour special. In college I studied directing and improv along side my major in philosophy. I am not a professional comedian, critic or writer.

    The critics in your film were very harsh to you. I was uncomfortable listening to it and you are quite right to highlight that they were attacking you and not providing true critique. On the other hand, I appreciate that their job (many of them) is to be writer. The line they cross is that it isn’t a true critique of the work. As a corollary, some comedians have built their act on trashing celebs; usually its funny but is still a personal attack and I don’t spend much time listening to them. So while the writing is creative, a film critique is no the place for personal attacks. Mystery Science Theater didn’t even do that. I’m reminded of Rush Limbaugh actually. He is basically a political Howard Stern. Shock and awe. The crazier the belief, the more listeners.

    I didn’t see Son of the mask or Malibu but will now. The Dr. mentioned how Mask had to live up to Jim Carey. Ture because you are extending a franchise with a new face. His stand up wasn’t that great actually but people saw you with Jim in mind. I did watch your experiment show and liked it very much. The proposal at the basketball game was brilliant! I fully appreciate what goes into the scripting and organization of a task that massive and it was executed beautifully.

    Specifically about the Hecklers film, I was waiting to see George Carlin tear into a heckler. He was so good at it. If you haven’t seen Bob and David at the Aspen comedy fest doing their heckler bit you should. Very fun. Hecklers was well done and it flowed well. I’m glad you covered many bases including the net and the background of critics. You pulled in a great list of appearances as well.

    A laugh is a laugh. Be true to yourself. Keep up the good work!
  • commented 2013-10-19 23:01:46 -0700

    I am a 29-year-old film lover; I am a law student, part-time film critic, and writer (just to give you some perspective). Just watched Heckler on Netflix. It was interesting and a bit surprising. I’m not your biggest fan, and that’s part of the reason I wanted to say something to you. I very much liked the film. As you stated at the end of the film, though the project was likely born out of self-involvement and insecurity, I think that’s part of what makes it so good. There were some insightful and surprising interviewees, and it gave a very interesting perspective of a non-superstar performer’s (I hope you don’t take that as a slight, it’s not meant as such) reaction to crappy criticism and self-involved audience members. Your choices of subjects, from Carrot Top to Rod Lurie and Joel Schumacher were smart and executed well.

    Though I’m still not your biggest fan, I really appreciated that project and I hope you’re proud of it. Netflix suggested that I would give Heckler two stars, and I’m happy to report it was quite wrong.

  • commented 2013-10-12 11:23:03 -0700
    Jamie – you make me laugh! Love you…and one more thing…I just finished watching "Heckler and was so moved, I immediately jumped up, went to my computer and tried to find a way to write to Jamie Kennedy. I wanted to tell him how moved I was when I watched it. I couldn’t find his email address, but I hope he reads this because I think it is critical to anyone to needs to be seen by everyone who does not live under a rock. This is the best piece on Bullying I have ever seen. It’s real. It shows that just because someone is in the spotlight, doesn’t mean they are inhuman or insensitive to criticism or abuse. Comics can make you laugh because they are even more in tune to other’s reactions and what makes them smile or cringe. I cheered and smiled throughout the whole documentary. I yelled “Yes!” outloud before I realized I was vocalizing my thoughts. I teared up several times. This showed someone my kids and I have enjoyed and saw as a celebrity as a real human being. Way to go to EVERYONE who helped make this documentary. Jamie, you made me laugh before this documentary, and today you became a hero to anyone who has been bullied and had no idea how to defend them self.

    To critics, to Jamie Kennedy fans, and those who don’t care for him – Love him or hate him, after this, you will respect him. Thank you from a mom, a former preschool teacher, a disability advocate, and a girl who loves to make people laugh. Thank you for making this film.

    And for the record — We own “Son of the Mask” in my house. My kids love it, and for the record – none of us has ever seen “The Mask.” :) No lie.