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Under the Radar DVD of the Week: 'The Hungover Games'

By Dennis King Published: February 4, 2014

This week, the oddest DVD to appear on release lists is:

“The Hungover Games”

Even though the next installment of “The Hunger Games” is months away, and there’s no firm word yet on a fourth outing for the party-hearty Wolf Pack dudes of “The Hangover,” parody fans can have their cake and eat it too with “The Hungover Games” (due out on DVD Tuesday).

Parody movies – hodgepodge comedies that poke fun at the conventions of other popular films – seem to cycle around the cineplexes every few years (witness the likes of “Airplane,” “Spaceballs,” “The Naked Gun,” “Scary Movie,” “Spy Hard,” “Epic Movie” and so on).

“The Hungover Games” snatches characters and bits of business from both “The Hunger Games” and “The Hangover” – along with gags referencing “Carrie,” “Ted,” “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and others – to form a loosey-goosey narrative of sorts.

It focuses on a bachelor party at a rundown motel outside Las Vegas where four pals pass out and wake up in a strange world in which they’re being transported a ritualistic battle to the death, known as the Hungover Games. There, they meet the spoiled, immature Effing (as in Effie Trinket) and the gruff, alcoholic Justmitch (as in Haymitch Abernathy) and must go head to head with various, spoofy Pop Culture Districts (including The Middle Earth District, The Superhero District and The Johnny Depp District).

As the jokes fly fast and furious, several familiar faces show up to join the fun, including Tara Reid as Effing, Jamie Kennedy as the Haymitch stand-in and Bruce Jenner as the bluff sports commentator.

“The Hungover Games” is rated R (for crude and sexual content, nudity, language throughout, comic violence and drug use) and runs 85 minutes. It’s being released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

- Dennis King

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X-Files Creator Chris Carter's The After Shows The Moment Civilization Dies

Ever wonder what it's like to realize the world is coming to an end? This might give you a pretty good idea.

Where will you be when you realize that the world, as we know it, has completely fallen apart? Based, on the trailer for the pilot of The After, a new Amazon Studios series written and directed by The X-Files Chris Carter, you probably won't realize it until after everything's already gone to hell.

The brief trailer shows a Los Angeles street crowded with meandering people who have abandoned their cars in the wake of an unknown world-staggering crisis. As it comes to light that the city's power is down and the police are no longer organized, an explosion triggers a human stampede, like a starting gun signaling the start of the apocalypse.

Amazon Studios announced The After back in October as one of two shows that will mark the service's first foray into producing serial dramas. To date, Amazon's original programming has been relegated to comedies and children's shows, few of which have garnered the success of Netflix' shows. At that time Carter said the series "explores human frailty, possibility, terror, and the triumph of the human spirit."

Amazon Studios determines which shows to produce by releasing their pilots on Amazon's streaming service. The show will debut as part of Amazon's second wave of pilots, which will be available later this year.


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'The After': First look at the upcoming apocalypse pilot from 'The X-Files' creator Chris Carter

Call it the Apopcalypse: Pop culture’s continuing fascination with the end of the world as we know it. The latest work of epic eschatology is The After, a new mid-apocalyptic pilot from Chris Carter, the man behind shows likeThe X-Files and Millennium. The show will debut as part of Amazon Studios’ second-ever pilot season—with an exact premiere date still TBA—and viewers will get to decide whether they want a full season to find out what brought human civilization to a grinding halt. It looks a bit Lost-y in how it keeps most of its plot points in a mystery box, as eight (possibly connected) strangers are trapped together following an unexplained event. Check out the trailer by using the link below.



Look out for more on The After in the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands later this week.


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The Hungover Games Is Real, and It's Coming to Theaters in 2014

12/10/2013 at 04:30 PM EST

By now, you've probably seen The Hunger Games parodied by cats and Sesame Street. You may have enjoyed these short clips, or you may have sat there and thought to yourself, "I wish this had Bruce Jenner in it." Well if you're the latter, it's time to get excited. 

The latest production to poke fun at the blockbuster franchise is The Hungover Games, a mash-up that combines Suzanne Collins's best-selling novel with The Hangover. Instead of waking up in Las Vegas with no memory of the night before, the film's protagonists find themselves on a train to the Capitol, with Tara Reid serving as their Effie Trinket-esque guide. 

Once there, the quartet is thrown into the arena, where it appears they will face-off against movie characters such as Thor, Tonto from The Lone Ranger, Ted the talking teddy bear and Katniss herself. The group's every move is presided over by Hank Baskett and, yes, Bruce Jenner, playing versions of Casear Flickerman and Claudius Templesmith. 

The film's IMDB page lists no official release date, but judging by its trailer, you can already count us in for re–Peeta viewings. 
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Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Secures All Media Rights for Comedy The Hungover Games

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Secures All Media Rights for Comedy The Hungover Games

December 5

CULVER CITY, Calif., Dec. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions (SPWA) has secured all media rights to the comedy, The Hungover Games, acquired from producers Ash R. Shah and Ben Feingold.

The Hungover Games is a parody of contemporary films including The Hangover and The Hunger Games series in addition to other recent blockbusters. Stars include Hangover look-alike stars and character actors Ben Begley (NCIS: Los Angeles, Franklin & Bash), Ross Nathan (the Bollywood hit English Vinglish), Herbert Russell (Law & Order, Robot Chicken) and John Livingston (Mr. Wrong, The Stickup). Katnip Everlean will be played by up-and-comer Rita Volk and comedy actors Jonathan Silverman, Tara Reid and Jamie Kennedy will also be featured. Additional appearances include Bruce Jenner, Hank Baskett, Robert Wagner, Kayden Kross, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' stars Kyle Richards, Brandi Glanville and Camille Grammar.



After celebrating Doug's upcoming wedding in a cut rate hotel in Laughlin, Nevada, our hungover party-ers, Bradley, Ed and Zach, wake up in a strange room in an even stranger world and without their pal, Doug. After meeting the haughty and flighty Effing and the gruff, alcoholic Justmitch, our trio puts the pieces together and realizes that they are on a train car headed to The Hungover Games. But instead of the twelve districts of The Hunger Games, our guys have to go toe to toe against various Pop Culture Districts, including The Superhero District, The Middle Earth District, the Puppet District, and the Johnny Depp District.

"The Hungover Games," written by David Bernstein, Kyle Barnett Anderson and Jamie Kennedy marks the directorial debut of Josh Stolberg. Producers are Ash R. Shah, Ben Feingold, Jim Busfield, Steve Small and Jamie Kennedy.

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'A Resurrection' now available for streaming on Hulu

Now Live! Watch the film A RESURRECTION on Hulu & Hulu Plus http://bit.ly/ResurrectionHulu.

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